A “responsive” Apart

With the launch of version 5.0 of the “A List Apart” blog Happy Cog have completed their responsive sweep of all the “A List…” branded websites.

First off we saw An Event Apart launch their new site with A Book Apart following not to far off in the distance.  It was great to see both of these sites launch ahead of their most popular and original site, mainly because it gave us a good look at how Happy Cog approached responsive design within an e-commerce function because it hasn’t really been tackled on a wide scale (queue readers to send in links of sites that have been doing responsive e-commerce since time began).


A List Apart are following on with the trend of scaling back on a high-fidelity design and have implemented a more ‘flat‘ design.

This article is a work in progress. All articles on alpha are published on creation and written over time.

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