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Sometimes it can be difficult to get started on a new approach to designing and building websites, especially when dealing with Responsive Design and trying to break out of the mould.

If you would like to recommend a site to be added to this list fill in this form and let me know.

Let this collection of responsive designed websites across a variety of website types help get your creative and developer juices flowing. Each site features a screenshot across 4 device widths and you can see the media queries, viewport and resources that have been used to create the site.


Takachizu across four responsive viewports

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Takachizu across four viewports

Susan J Robertson

Susan Jean Robertson site across four viewports

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Susan J Robertson across four viewports


BMW AMP site across four viewports

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BMW across four viewports

Milwaukee Ballet

Milwaukee Ballet across 4 viewports

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Milwaukee Ballet across four viewports

Rankesh Design

Rakesh Design Portfolio RWD Example

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Rankesh Design across four viewports

CSS Conf Europe

CSS Conference EU Example Site

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CSS Conf Europe across four viewports

Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan Portfolio Site Across Four Viewports

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Sara Soueidan across four viewports

Melanie Daveid

Melanie Daveid site seen across four breakpoints

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Melanie Daveid across four viewports

Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum across mobile and tablet views

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Victoria & Albert Museum across four viewports

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