Content Choreography

Choreography is defined as

the sequence of steps and movements in dance or figure skating, especially in a ballet or other staged dance


the rumbustious choreography reflects the themes of the original play the art or practice of designing choreographic sequences.

When it comes to the web we can have a different kind of choreography that is formed from the content that we work with.

There have been two standout articles in the past around Content Choreography and I encourage you to read them both.

  1. Trent Walton – Content Choreography
  2. Jordan Moore – Building with Content Choreography

Jordan’s article was written alongside two excellent demos which sadly no longer exist, so I’ve dropped in a couple of codepens to help illustrate the point.

What is Content Choreography?

To put it simply, it is source order stacking.

The responsive web

Demo based on the above article –

Awesome layout based on the demo –

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