How do I preview Google Search for Jobs?

Google Search for Jobs is going to be the biggest new thing in the recruitment world since job boards aggregated all of the jobs into one central location to make the candidate journey a little easier.

Everyone is up for an easier journey!

That ease of journey, along with several billion dollardsin the recruitment/talent industry has led Google down the path of providing a search capability around finding your next job in the same way that they do for finding your next flight.
How do I see/find Google Search for Jobs?
It’s super simple, you simply perform a search for a job and it will magically appear within  the search results in the same way that the Google Search for Flights appears when searching for flights.  For example, do a search for “Customer Service Jobs”.
Google Search for Jobs isn’t showing up for me
I had this exact same problem as well, which is why I decided to write this article.

If Google Search for Jobs isn’t showing up in your regular Google Search it is likely because this is a new search function (relatively new) and Google are still working on rolling it out and integrating it into the search results across each of the different regions.

The United States is where it appeared first and I’ve seen similar results across India and Asia as well.  If you’re based in the UK (United Kingdom) like me, you will not be able to see Google Search for Jobs just yet unless you follow the following approach.

Perform a search for “Customer Service Jobs” (or something similar that involves the word jobs)
While you won’t see the Google Search for Jobs, click on the Settings link at the top of the search results (over on the right), and choose Search Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the Search Settings to find the Region Settings. Expand the list and choose the United States as your region.

Save the Search Settings, which will return you to your previous search with the Google Search for Jobs appearing at the top of the results.
Go investigate, it’s really good.

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