Improving Performance with Google Fonts

Google Fonts are a wonderful free resource that can bring a little extra delight to the design of your site. One of the things that I like about Google Fonts is that it gives you an indication about how much slower your site mgiht be as a result of including the different fonts onto your site. As you can see below, we’ve got a Load Time: Moderate based on these 5 fonts. Then if I add more weights to those Fonts we move on to Load Time: Slow — you never want to see slow… you want to keep it fast! .inline-perf { font-family: ‘Faster One’, cursive; font-size: 3.2em; } Let’s say that you pick a particularly heavy Google Font which you only want to use for the heading of your site, let’s say it’s the title of a site about performance like below Perf Well, we can then add the &text= parameter onto our link declaration and include just those characters… so instead of just having <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”> we include…. <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”> Google estimate that this will reduce the request size by up to 90% which is awesome, and also gives your designers potentially a little more leway to add another Font without impacting performance.

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