RWD Weekly #446

Hello again, welcome back to RWD Weekly #446.

The feature site this week has X-FRAME options set to deny, so you’re just getting a banner version of the page.

I like this visual approach to navigating for images. You click on an image you like and will get a tonne of other visually similar images. How many clicks will it take you to find Kevin Bacon?  For the layout of images it actually uses flex over grid to create five columns, and then applies flex to the children of those five columns to create rows. In this style of layout it doesn’t matter about the source order, but if it is an issue for you then don’t use this approach (Grid will give you something).


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WordPress 5.7: Big ol’ jQuery Update

This is a huge change from WordPress because it’s a breaking change. If you’re running a WordPress site now is the time to start testing. Even if you don’t use jQuery on the site yourself, some of the plugins you’re using might be.

The web didn’t change; you did

“it’s that you made it harder and more complicated. You have the power of choice, so choose what you want to do – because the choices are overwhelming and there’s enough regular world overwhelming for a lifetime right now.”

Sick burn there from Remy, but he’s not wrong.

Front-end predictions for 2021 and beyond

Jay Freestone lays all his cards on the table to bring you what he see’s as being the direction we are taking in 2021.

The Never-Ending Job of Selling Design Systems

The bottom line is that no one wants to pay for a design system, you’ve got to sell in the benefits to your clients. This article boils down the methods Ben Callahan, from SparkBox, has put into practice convincing executives not just to fund the initial push of design system work, but to keep funding it.


Fluid typography with CSS clamp

Learn to create a simple, accessibility friendly and configurable fluid type system that uses modern CSS sizing functions.

Font follows Function – A Checklist

A brief checklist what functional parts of a typeface to consider before picking it for your digital project.

Underline Hover Styles for Links

A collection of simple and subtle CSS-only line hover animations for links.

Using position: sticky to create persistent headers in long texts

For really long pages with scattered headings the position: sticky works really well by maintaining the context of the content for the user even while they scroll.

Resources, Releases & Tools

Page Transitions: Creative Examples, Resources and some Tips

These are some really great page transitions. A lot of the time when I work on websites they have very little continuity in the the moving from one page to another. That is fine for most sites, but sometimes you’re looking to dazzle and amaze the user (and you don’t care how fast their fan will spin).

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 120

Safari has released an update on their technology preview. They’ve fixed a bug with re-layout of Grid items as well as fixing the new aspect-ratio to work with percentage resolutions. If you use netflix/facebook stories on safari there are a few fixes for media playbacks too.


Simon is super smart. This tweet has two things. First of all it covers a great talk he gave about a project he’s been working on called Datasette. Secondly, it also links to a took that lets you build a sequence of slides/screenshots out as HTML.

eBay Launches Marko 5

Marko is the Javascript UI framework that eBay use to power their applications. It is a powerful, markup-based language that embraces the complexity of the client while being as easy to write as HTML templates. The idea is that it has been written so it’s superfast on the server and works as a first-class citizen in the browser too.


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