RWD Weekly #453

Hello again, welcome back to RWD Weekly #453.

This morning my little person came into my office and excitedly said “Look Dad, quick quick, there’s a massive eagle in the back yard”. As I looked out the back to see nothing I just heard laughing and “April Fools”.  I’m just thankful he didn’t sake the beers up in the fridge.

Let’s get linking.


Stack overflow new feature

In the ever-increasingly-difficult way of making money online through advertising Stack Overflow are looking to take the Medium approach to content. Rather than hide the content from you so you can only see three posts per week, they will still let you view the answers but you are going to be limited to just three copy and pastes per week. If you want more, then you can pay a subscription.

This might seem unfair to many at first, however given that Stack Overflow does 20% of your job anyway, paying 1% of your salary seems pretty fair.


A new Cloudflare Web Application Firewall

Did you know that Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) locks more than 57 billion cyber threats per day. That is 650k blocked HTTP requests per second. I can’t even fathom the traffic they must maintain!

Not Your Typical Horizontal Rules

I’m excited to see that Sara is redesigning and rebuilding her site from scratch, if not for anything else than the amazing posts that are going to come out as she goes through the process… including this one about the humble HR.

Au revoir, mon AMPmour?

Ethan covers off his thoughts on the move from Google to remove the requirement of AMP to appear in the top carousel to replace it with the Web Vitals requirements. Does this spell the end of AMP as we know it?

I think Google have given up their pursuit of AMP as the mobile web alternative (thankfully after they campaigned so hard against which were essentially the same thing). Instead, they seem to now be going in on AMP driving Web Stories as a new way to consume short form web content.

There’s no such thing as a website or web app that doesn’t need to be accessible


CSS Container Queries: A First Look + Demo

Bramus tests Container Queries out by quickly throwing this demo together using a classic card component.

Bypassing Cookie Consent Banners in Lighthouse and WebPageTest

Andy shares some techniques that you can use in Lighthouse and WebPageTest to get a better understanding on how your website behaves without the cookie pop-up banners. He does point out, however, that you should also test with them to see how your customers first experience is like as well.

Dark mode in 5 minutes, with inverted lightness variables

Lea Verou is one of the cleverest people building sites. In this article, she looks at the use of -lightness in the colors to define them, so by reversing the lightness scale you get an automatic flip from light to dark mode (or visaversa)

Resources & Tools

Understanding disabilities and impairments: user profiles

A set of profiles from Gov UK highlighting common barriers users face when accessing digital services and tips for designing services everyone can use.

Ux training   

UX training with the wonderful Stephanie Walter

Visual studio stack overflow

Look up your stack overflow issues and get answers directly from within Visual Studio Code. Very cool.


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