Screencast: SpeedCurve

Speedcurve is an amazing tool that you can use to track the front end performance of your website over time and against your competitors.

For a limited time Mark will provide an upgrade to the beta version of the tool and offer you a special discount price on the new version of Speed Curve once it is released, simply sign up now and notify Mark that you’re interested in the beta program.

The upcoming features include

  • Multi-location monitoring using any Amazon EC2 region. (Done) 
  • On demand testing for CI servers. On each deploy a round of testing will run and generate a before/after report on code changes and how they’ve affected performance. (In progress) 
  • API for pulling down results into your own tools. (v1 done) Individual asset trending. 
  • How is my “main.css” growing over time? 
  •  Flexibility around number of pages/templates/competitors monitored. (Done) 
  •  Trending reports for Chrome Dev Tool data. Paint time, render time, JS execution time etc. 
  •  Alerting when hitting defined performance budgets (CSS max 500k) or percentage of change (images are 20% larger). (Budgets done) 
  • User timing marks extracted and trended over time. Responsive asset sizes at different viewport widths. 
  • Cache maps showing asset reuse and cache times across templates.
  • If you like you can mention if people subscribe and email me I’ll switch them to the beta so they get early access to features for no additional cost. I will then be changing the pricing model when I relaunch and give people on the beta a special deal.

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