Why I love Mailchimp

A friend of mine was preparing for an interview and shared one of the questions they asked her to prepare before coming in

Name a brand you admire or are loyal to and explain why?

I didn’t even have to ponder it for a second…..


I both admire them and am incredibly loyal to them.

Firstly they do one thing incredibly well (sends emails). It then extends a little further by providing a FREE for life offer for 2000 or less subscribers.

They have an incredibly helpful helpdesk, and a knowledgebase (FAQ) that is incredibly comprehensive.

From a design and UX point of view they created and make publically available their styles guides and UX patterns which helps their internal teams to do their work but also provides the rest of the web with a great resource to build on/copy.

Early on they sponsored the RWD Weekly newsletter by offering me a free subscription for 12 months (once I’d passed the 2000 free subscribers) and also sent me a Mailchimp tshirt for free (which I still wear today… one of my favourite shirts).

They also sponsored the early episodes of my podcast to get transcriptions done.

For Christmas this year they sent me an email to choose from a Monkey (I chose the space one ).

Most of all I love the Mailchimp app itself. Creating/building/editing emails… every interaction with the product is amazing to use.

Just…. delightful.

I’ve sent 241 emails over the past 241 weeks and every week, regardless if it’s 6pm on a Thursday night or 3am on a Friday morning, I’m excited to use it. I mean, check out these interactions

So yeah, I love Mailchimp ;)

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