An Event Apart: Preprocessing is for Everybody

Preprocessing is such an important part of improving your responsive workflow, yet for many people it’s something they shy away from because it’s not vanilla CSS. Most of the time that translates to “I’m really good at vanilla CSS and I’m scared to try something I might not initially be as good at”. I don’t mean to offend my vanilla CSS folk readers, but it is true for some. This overview of Chris Coyiers talk at An Event Apart should help kickstart you into at least trying it.

While attending An Event Apart San Francisco in December 2013 I watchedChris Coyier give a talk about CSS preprocessing and the powers they holds. Moreover, he gives some great tips on how to convince the “Grumpy Greg” at your office that doesn’t want to learn. Here are my notes from his talk, It’s a Write/Read (Mobile) Web.

An excerpt from An Event Apart: Preprocessing is for Everybody

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