Responsive Images: 2013 Year-End Update

We began compiling a round up of the responsive images situation in November. Back then it was the <picture> element that was being noted and removed while the new src-n solution proposed by Tab Atkins was the flavour of the month.

Now only a few weeks later and we’ve done a 180, with <picture> now seeming to be the favourite after both WebKit and Mozilla have put their foot down about src-n and srcset respectively.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the ongoing “responsive images” discussion, given that it tends to take place across a number of channels, forums, and mailing lists. As you may have heard here and there, there have been three proposals for responsive images up for recent discussion: WebKit’s srcset attribute, the RICG’s picture element, and the src-n pattern spearheaded by Tab Atkins.

An excerpt from Responsive Images: 2013 Year-End Update

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