Little RGB Riding Hood: a JPEG’s Tale

What’s in a color? Quite a bit it turns out. Depending on the colors contained within the image will have an impact on how much compression you can get out of it.

Once upon a time, Little Riding Hood, LRH to its friends, was tasked with making its way to an elderly request client across the topologically challenging paths of the forest. LRH put on its favorite blue wrapper and embarked on its journey. Its travels were swift & no dreaded Wolf Of Abandonment followed its tracks. It arrived safely at its designated request client. All was well.

One day, however, LRH put on a red wrapper before beginning its route to the request client. The red wrapper slowed LRH’s transit through the forest down significantly. A Wolf Of Abandonment was able to follow LRH along its path and devoured LRH’s request client.

An excerpt from Little RGB Riding Hood: a JPEG’s Tale

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