Making stakeholders aware of the impact of website performance

In this article, the first in a series, Jonathan Fielding explains the different kinds of performance (render, page load, perceived) and also covers how to make stakeholders understand the benefits of spending time improving performance.

When I build a website I obsess over performance. I will rip out a JavaScript library from a project and replace it by another to save an extra 10KB. I do this because I understand the impact of performance. Both as a developer who has built a wide variety of sites and as a user who spent last weekend struggling to get one bar of signal at a campsite.

While my experience as a developer means I will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the websites I build are performant, there is a limited amount of impact that I can have on my own. I therefore need to look at how I can champion performance with the project’s stakeholders to ensure that everyone is committed to ensuring the website is fast.

An excerpt from Making stakeholders aware of the impact of website performance

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