A Rube Goldberg Machine

Ada takes us through the approach of CSS Grids, CSS Custom Properties and Web Animations in this review of each of the new techniques we can use to make it both easier and more interesting to build and design the web.

I’m really excited about these technologies and encourage you to work them into your design & development process immediately as each of these things can be part of a progressively enhanced stack.

Rube Goldburg Machine

This blog post was inspired by the wonderful talks from CSS-Day Amsterdam 2017. Especially those of Rachel Nabors, Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons. Many of these talks introduced newer browser APIs to give framework levels of functionality built into the browser.

The title of this article refers to a Rube Goldberg machine, a machine which uses many interlocking moving parts to perform a function, these new APIs although very different can all work together to produce a wonderful web experience.

These new APIs are designed to be used as-is rather than requiring a CSS or JavaScript library to assist them. Their high-level power allows them to be thought of as frameworks built into the web platform for assisting with problems often found in front end web development.

An excerpt from A Rube Goldberg Machine

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