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Offline Analytics, new HTML5 video policies and an amazing way to do front end web testing

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I can not believe this is something I haven’t shared with you all, yet here we are. It’s unusual for a tool to make it to the headline but this is such an important tool in the web workflow that it needed to be prominent…. and y’know it’s totally free and awesome.

BrowserSync essentially allows you to test your local dev copy of your site (or live site) across a network of devices, and what you do on one device is immediately visible on the others. Your scroll, click, refresh and form actions are mirrored between browsers while you test. AH-MAZE-ING

New <video> Policies for iOS

When we wanted to share videos on the web we would convert them to animated gifs, and now that animated gif’s are a big thing on the web we are taking those gifs and converting them to videos in process of becoming more performant (a mp4 video of a gif of a video is smaller than the gif). Now safari
are allowing for <video>
elements to auto play IF there is no audio track or if the track is muted. Check out the list of policies Webkit are including to ensure this isn’t abused or annoying for the user.

Offline Google Analytics Made Easy

If you’re jumping onto the Progressive Web App (PWA) bandwagon, and well you should, then you probably want to track analytics when your users are offline as well as online. Now with this library shared by Google you can stored the users actions in IndexDB and send them once the users is online
again. Is there anything Service Workers can’t do???? (rhetorical… I know there’s things they can’t do).

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