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Luke Wroblewski is one of the fore thinkers in responsive design and mobile best practices.  

Recently Luke wrote about a topic he dubbed as RSS (Responsive Web Design with Server Side Components), and since then has been gaining popularity and a number of developers have written about how they’re using it.

Luke provided these resources to get you started in his article, RESS Multi-Device Design Resources

RESS Overview

Luke’s overview of RESS featuring several examples that illustrate how the technique can be used to optimize device-specific experiences on the Web.

Getting Started with RESS Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you the basics of RESS and how you can build a responsive page that works well on small screens with the help of server side technologies.

RESS: An Evolution of Responsive Web Design

How both front-end and server-side developers can take advantage of the new technique called RESS that aims to be combine the best of both worlds for delivering mobile-optimized content.

Full article on RESS, Server-Side Feature-Detection and the Evolution of Responsive Web Design.

Which One: Responsive Design, Device Experiences, or RESS?

A concise overview of three different multi-device Web design techniques (including RESS) and explanation of the benefits of each.

A Case for RESS

A concise example of the benefits of RESS on the new Notre Dame Web site.

The Innovation Behind Notre Dame’s Homepage

A behind the scenes look at the Notre Dame University redesign which uses RESS to deploy content that is appropriate to each device.

A Responsive Experience Begins on the Server…

Server-side detection alone will not give you the full picture, and only doing adaptation client-side robs you of the opportunity to perform really useful server-side optimizations. The best approach is a blend of the two using RESS.

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