RWD Weekly #367

Hello and welcome to this week’s RWD Newsletter, number 367!

This week we’re taking some advice from someone who’s built a side project from screatch into one of the worlds most known design site, we look at why a portion of the internet went down this week, find out how we can provide faster images with intelligent cropping, how you can make $18,000 building a single HTML page, and a few other tutorials, articles, and tools to help your web development lives.


What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

This is such a great article for anyone that likes to dabble in side projects and one-day dreams that something might come of them but thinks it will never happen. Dan explains his approach to Dribbble and what he learned of the past 10 years. An excellent read!


Image Processing Shortcuts using AI and ML: Part 1

Using Cloudinary’s amazing AI Capabilities to put the crop in the right area (at least for objects that they understand)

Cloudflare outage caused by bad software deploy (updated)

Y’know what’s a bad idea? Deploying an update to the JS on your site without testing it properly. Y’know what’s a terrible idea? Doing the same thing, but your website is a product, and it powers about as much of the internet as WordPress does. I still love Cloudflare though, and I’m buoyed by the fact that they owned the error and admitted to their error.

How Google Pagespeed works

In this article, we uncover how PageSpeed calculates it’s critical speed score. Improve Your Score and Search Engine Ranking!

CSS-Tricks on Flywhee

After a long time, CSS Tricks has moved from Media Temple over to FlyWheel. Chris goes through the process of moving one of the largest (if not _the_ largest) Worpdress sites on the internet to a new host along with the changes he has made to the deployment approach.

I charged $18,000 for a Static HTML Page

While it’s a bit of a clickbaity title the story is very believable. I’ve worked for a variety of different clients over the years and while there are a lot of people that will try keep things are cheap as possible, there are a lot of LARGE organisations that are happy to haemorrhage money even after you tell them not to.

Does DPR matter?

According to the research done by Eric Portis there is very little point in trying to provide anything for 3DPR, and once you get over 2.6DPR the rest is pointless. Seems to be similar to the framerate or HD TV’s these days, at some point our eyes just can’t keep up.


Responsive design ground rules

It’s always good to get back to basics, and that’s exactly what this article does by reminding us of the building blocks for RWD.

Making width and flexible items play nice together

Robin looks at a quirk that you might find when aligning images with Flex layout and having it shrink down too far. A careful placement of flex-shrink:0 against the image works wonders.

How to build a calendar with CSS Grid

A while back I posted a snippet on building a responsive calendar which has turned out to be one of the most popular pages on the site. This week Zell explains how you might put one together using CSS Grid. They aren’t the same kind of calendar, Zell’s looks much more like a date picker but it has the fundamentals. I’m going back to revisit the snippet on our site to add in the CSS Grid alternative.

5 Keys to Accessible Web Typography

Better Search UX Through Microcopy


User Inyerface

This is a brilliant game to see just how crappy you can make a user interface. Although it’s a joke, there are a number of poor UI implementations that I’ve seen more than once.


A fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows

Free Charting Library

Charting is the heart of TradingView. Developer-friendly and powerful for users, these charts are used by 10,000’s of websites and millions of traders around the world.

Pixel Match

The smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library, originally created to compare screenshots in tests.

Eva Design System: Deep learning color generator

Enter your Brand colour and get beautiful colour combination generated by AI. The unique colour system simplifies pallets creation making it fun to choose a stunning colour scheme for your next product.

Site Designer 4

Better User Experience. Extremely Powerful Controls. Increased Productivity. Experience the Upgrade Today!


That’s all for this week, enjoy your weekend and if you have written about anything you have been doing lately please hit reply.



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