RWD Weekly #436

Hey everyone and welcome to week #436 of the responsive design newsletter.

This week we see a couple of new product version launches in Tailwind and View, see how you can monitor your sites uptime and response rate for FREE, and there’s a bunch of tools and resources that will keep you busy over the weekend.

Let’s get linking.


Tailwind CSS v2.0

The team at Tailwind have been super busy over the past 18 months and have released their v2. It comes along with a new color palette, dark mode, larger breakpoints lots of stuff. My favourite thing is the @apply will now apply to everything, so if you wanted your CSS to be cleaner in your HTML then it’s your choice.


Check out InVision’s new Design Engineering Handbook

Explore the new hybrid practice of design engineering in InVision’s latest release, written by industry leaders from Indeed, Mailchimp, The New York Times, and Minted. You will learn how design engineering, an essential discipline to creating great products, brings together form and function while accelerating innovation, and much more!


Back/forward cache

Optimize your pages for instant loads when using the browser’s back and forward buttons.

What’s New In Vue 3?

Vue 3 comes with a lot of interesting new features and changes to some of the existing ones that are aimed at making development with the framework a lot easier and maintainable. In this article, Timi takes a look at some of these new features and how to get started with them as well as taking a look at some of the changes done to the existing features.


Building Flexible Components With Transparency

Using transparency for your component backgrounds and headings you can drop them onto a wide range of different backgrounds with a common consistent result.

A Deep Dive Into CSS Grid minmax()

Ahmad goes into detail with minmax() for Grid layouts. He touches on incorporating auto-fit and auto-fill and how that provides you with a more flexible/responsive approach to using Grids (similar to what flex-wrap: wrap might do).

Under-Engineered Responsive Tables

I’m currently putting my wife’s Yoga classes in an easier-to-read table on her site and it got me thinking about accessibility for tables. Strangely, Adrian has written about the quickest and easiest way to achieve accessibility in this tutorial.

Tools & Resources

API for Web Icons

SVGBox makes it dead-easy to include icons in your project. Simple <img> tags: that’s all you need. No CSS, JS, file uploads, or inline SVGs.

Introducing Simple Search

Remove all the non-essential search results from your google searches with this plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

Web dev for beginners

Is is just me, or does JS start way to early before html and css in this course? None the less, it’s almost 30 practical lessons with assignments and code blocks to help you come to grips with JS, CSS, and HTML.


Upptime is the open-source uptime monitor and status page, powered entirely by GitHub. This is a sample status page which uses real-time data from our Github repository. No server required — just GitHub Actions, Issues, and Pages. Get your own for free.

Online Brand Guide Generator

Use Baseline as your brand guide and get your own URL to share and refer to.


As we get towards the end of 2020 and the newsletter is edging it’s way towards 450 editions I’m going to go through the bi-annual cull of subscribers. Well, it’s not so much of a cull but an email I send out to anyone who hasn’t opened an email in 3 months and clicked on a link in the past 6 months. Usually that indicates that you just haven’t got around to unsubscribing, so I send an email with a HUGE unsubscribe button.

This works out well for me too because I can reduce the number of subscribers, which in turn lowers the cost of the Mailchimp subscription. It also helps with the open and click through rates, which then makes it more enticing for sponsors.

I’m going to approach sponsorship a little differently as well and try and get 3 or 4 key sponsors to sign up for the entire year and a bargain discount rate, but leave enough spaces throughout the year to promote events that you are running yourselves in kind. If you work for someone that would benefit from sponsorship, get in touch and we can chat opportunities.

That’s all for this week. If you’ve come across any interesting/helpful articles or you’ve written something yourself please hit reply and let me know about them.

See you all next week!

Have a great weekend!



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