RWD Weekly #398

Hello and welcome to RWD Weekly edition #398. This week we take a look at what Utopia might look like, catch up on what is happening with CSS4, find out how a years worth of time looks like to a developer, and look at how to approach solving problems plus much more. Let’s get linking. Sponsor Get Creative With a Free .design Domain Name! Unlike .com or .net, a .design domain name reflects what you do as a designer. Your website or portfolio will speak for itself with a .design domain name. Join companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Adobe and get a .design domain name for your business. Get 1 year free today! Article Don’t touch my clipboard Have you ever gone to copy and past something from a website only to have a copyright message and the link to that page be included as part of it too? I don’t see if much, but it’s super frustrating when it does happen. This article looks at how that is implemented, but please don’t follow it and do it on your own site. Let’s Define CSS 4 A GitHub issue started by Jen Simmons to discuss whether we should define CSS 4. Leaders within the CSS world, the likes of Chris, Rachel, Jen, Mandy, fantasai etc have all weighed in with their own insights and thoughts. When CSS Blocks Over the years we continue to change the way in which we implement our websites, and what is the best approach today won’t isn’t necessarily the best approach tomorrow. In this article Tim looks at old best practices to improve performance but that can become a performance blocker these days. How I think about solving problems A set of five questions that you should ask yourself when a problem presents itself. Utopia Jeremy talks about why he thinks Utopia is such a great project (there’s lots of reasons). I for one love the idea of modular typography, knowing that there will be maximums and minimums but letting the browser sort out everything in between. Deep Work Update #3 I’m always interested in how people split their work days and approach the tasks on a daily/weekly basis. Brad has been using RescueTime to help track this and has written about the changes he’s made this year. I’m really keen to learn more about his Notion workflow having just switched over to Notion for most of my brain dumping. Toward Responsive Elements In this piece Brian talks about the “Container Queries” problem, tris to shine some light on some misconceptions, and tells you about the state of things. Tutorial Block Links, Cards, Clickable Regions, Etc How do you link media blocks?  On the site we’ve got a few different types of “card” interface elements. Most of them tend to be within a container, but the links are applied individually to the image, title, and read more link. In this tutorial Adrian goes through the different approaches with a thought on accessibility. CSS Tutorial: Create Diagonal Layouts Like It’s 2020 Only squares make websites with squares these days.  You’re not a square are you? This little tutorial takes you through how to create diagonal style layouts using pseudo elements so you avoid having to reset the contents of your box. Styling The Good Ol’ Button Element This is one hell-of-a great detailed article all about learning when to use buttons, and also how to style them so they look great and work in a variety situations. Exploring the Web Speech API Experimenting with voice on the web using the Web Speech Synthesis and Recognition API Tools and Resources CrUX.RUN An extremely fast mirror of the Chrome User Experience report database. Analyze your CrUX without relying on Google’s Big Query. There’s certainly a lot of work that I can be doing with this site. Netlify Forms This is one of the best ideas and coolest things I’ve seen for a while. With Netlify Forms you can now code up your phone on the font end using form tags, inputs, labels etc and then add ‘netlify’ as a form attribute, then when you deploy your site Netlify will create the required API and data fields to accept any submissions from that form. Outstanding. Less JS   This tweet from Addy Finally That’s all for this week. As always thank you to those that sent through link recommendations, if you’ve come across something or have written something please send it through. Cheers,Justin.

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