RWD Weekly #402

Hello and welcome to RWD Weekly Newsletter number 402. It seems your payment didn’t go through correctly this week and as such we’re not able to share any content with you this week. I’m joking, of course, but Today I Learned (TIL) that the status code 402 is reserved for Payment Required. It’s not widely used and was flagged for use if we ever got around to micropayment or digital cash payment for accessing content. Some folks do return the status, however, Google sends this response when people go over their allowed API daily limit, Stripe send the code if the payment isn’t successful, and Shopify send this code if you happen to stop paying for your online store. Don’t worry though, despite the increase in hosting and Mailchimp’s increase in List costs this newsletter will continue to stay cost free, albeit I will run sponsorship and advertising placements to help cover some of those costs. This week’s feature site is a visualisation of the current state of the COVID-19 around the globe. The stats look as though there is a 1 day lag in the results (Italy doesn’t seem to have updated) but it pulls through associated news and information as well. Let’s get linking…. but first a message from our sponsor. Sponsor Navigation Pro Theme Package Navigation Pro cuts through the haze with bright colors, bold images and versatile layouts to steer your site to success. Launch fast with starter packs for Travel, Cuisine, Fitness, and Law, or use the included custom block sections to build pages that capture attention and turn visitors into customers. Article Introducing Substation Create your own paid membership site for FREE using this amazing tool hosted on Glitch. You only need to set up with BrainTree payments and you’re away. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is recently out of work and wants to set up a paywall to offer training/services. These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 71 This week saw Firefox adoption drop to it’s lowest since 2005 which is so sad… please tell all your friends there’s more to the internet than Chrome. From a developer point of view there’s some great new features including request initiator, wildcard* request blocking, and a new performance profiler all in FF Nightly. Eleventy’s New Performance Leaderboard Zach reacts to the AMP releasing an official plugin for his static site generator, Eleventy, by creating a leader board of super fast sites that use Eleventy. It’s hard to imagine how AMP could make any of these sites load any faster. Trying to Work From Home Many of you, hopefully you specifically, will now be working from home for the foreseeable future. For those who are not used to the change it can be difficult to get right, but in these testing times please don’t think that just because you’re distracted from your work that you’re to blame and are not suited to home working. Eric, who’s worked at home for 19 years, shares in this article what everyone is going through and some tips on how to get through it. GitHub for mobile is now available I’m not suggesting that you’re going to to be pushing code updates and merging branches using mobile (although there’s nothing stopping you), but this is quite helpful for tickets and quick overviews (for me at least).  Are you using this? How are you enjoying it? Tutorial How to configure Matomo Analytics with WordPress This is a step by step article on how to get started with Matomo analytics on WordPress. Full Page Scroll-Snapping HTML Sections A nice little Codepen Demo from illustrating full screen scroll snapping sections.  Elegantly simple. Flexbox and absolute positioning Tools Snap chat for everything Now that we’re spending 8 hours a day on Skype/Zoom/Teams calls why not bring a little bit of style. These snapchat filters can work with any conferencing software and makes itself available as another camera. Do Not Touch Your Face Do Not Touch Your Face is a tool that teaches you to avoid touching your face using your webcam. Podcast The CSS Podcast Follow Una Kravets and Adam Argyle, Developer Advocates from Google, who gleefully breakdown complex aspects of CSS into digestible episodes covering everything from accessibility to z-index.

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