RWD Weekly #405

Hello and welcome to RWD Weekly Newsletter number 405, an Easter edition.

Had things gone to plan I would be in the air as I type this flying from Perth to Brisbane in Australia, and you would be reading one of our interview series instead of looking through some weekly links.

With the world in lock down, people aren’t flying anywhere and the some of the great folks that are helping out with interview series are dealing with a wealth of new problems so there’s still a few to come in. Next week though we’re going to kick off the series with Stephanie Walter who will be answering the same set of questions as the rest of the contributors.

Just before we get into the links I wanted to put a HUGE thank you and shout out to the team that brought us Net Magazine over the years. Net Mag was a key voice in our industry and helped many of today’s web design and developers around the world get started and stay motivated in the industry. Sadly, the next edition of Net Magazine will be the last :(

Right, let’s get linking…. but first check out this course.


CSS naked day

The 9th April is CSS Naked day where you remove the CSS from your site and let your out on show as it truly is. I did this on the RWD site and oh-my-goodness do I need to work on the underlying HTML. What would your site look like naked?

PostCSS 8.0 is coming

PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript. It will auto prefix vendor specific code, add pollyfills to new CSS methods based on your browser support needs and more. Now PostCSS 8.0 will bring new API for plugins, which will make your CSS build faster and keep your node_modules smaller.


A 100 day journey into Javascript… start from the beginning again

A sky map of the Hubble Space Telescope’s observations

There hasn’t been an article from Nadia for a while so I was super excited to see her latest visualisation was back in space for the 30 years of Hubble Telescope observations


Image Techniques On The Web

This isn’t the usual image tutorial that we feature where the focus is on the responsive code implementation. Instead, Ahmad takes a close look at the different design approaches you can have with images and how they’re done with CSS & HTML.

Dark mode with stack overflow

StackOverflow now has a Dark Mode. This tutorial goes through the entire process from finding the right colours across their brand assets to how they implemented it through the CSS.

Tools and Resources

This Video Has 5,879,951 Views

What a wonderful video that looks back to the Web 2.0 days and the introduction of open API’s, where it took us, and what we’re faced with today. I highly recommend watching this video (only 10 minutes, worth it).

Get Waves

Create SVG waves for your next design

Technical writing courses from Google

If you’re working on the web it’s a good chance you’ve had to write a technical document at some point in your career. These are aimed at engineers and product owners but I think everyone could learn something from these free resources.

The Online Archive Is Now Open to All

If you like lettering then you’re going to love this online archive. Don’t tether your 3/4G connection to browse this site.


This is a basic hit counter, based on the old-school method of tracking images. It doesn’t use cookies or follow users around the web. But it does give you a very simple counter for which pages in your website are popular! You can remix this on Glitch and have it for yourself for FREE.

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