Selling (the understanding of) Responsive Design to clients

This morning I had an interesting discussion with one of the sales guys trying to communicate a responsive design to a client. He kept on mentioning iphone and ipad and desktop. When I asked him why he wasn’t saying iMac instead desktop he started rewriting the term to iMac *facepalm*. 

After a few minutes explaining that we should be saying small, medium and large screens I met him in the middle with mobile, tablet and desktop. 

This is a real problem when it comes to selling responsive design to a certain kind of client, and I think you know the type of client I mean. If the client is asking you which devices the website will work on you should flag that as an immediate issue, take a step back and take the client on a journey to repsonsiville*

Explain the theory behind responsive design, why you focus on the viewport rather than the device, and finally ask them the dimensions of the Galaxy Note 5 and the iPhone 6


Inevitably they will either ask one or both of these questions:

  • is it supported on every device?
  • will you test it on every device? 

This explanation might come in handy…

RWD is an approach that allows your site to be consumed on any number of current devices as well as any future device releases, it’s a design once deliver everywhere appoarch. As part of this project we will deliver across 3 major breakpoints (small, medium, large) and test against the following devices <insert device testing lab devices here>

*not a real place

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