Is responsive design going to work every time? Is there any chance that it won’t be supported in some of the currently used browsers?

What an excellent question!

Go straight to the head of the class.

The support for media queries is like the force.  It is strong.

Moving forward every new browser release will support media queries in some way, shape, or form however we unfortunately are still in the position where we need to support older browsers.  Yes IE6, we are looking at you.

Can I Use css-media-resolution? Data on support for the css-media-resolution feature across the major browsers from

If you are stuck with supporting IE8> then you have a few options to bring the wonderful world of media queries and responsive design to the peoples who’s IT departments hate them.

Javascript Polyfils

Javascript polyfils are techniques that allow developers to provide sexy current web technologies to the masses… provided of course that they have javascript enabled.

More and more of these solutions are coming out with the increase of responsive web design popularity but we’ve listed some of our favorites below.

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