Eleventastic – 11ty Starter Pack

I’m on annual leave this week and I’m looking for a few online tidbits that I want to try out and learn something new. Eleventy is high on that list so I’m likely to post a few things around that.

When getting into these new technologies I always like to initially try and leverage off someones hard work to get up to speed quicker, then go back and tweak things to be a little bit more along the lines of the way I prefer to work.

There are a number of these starter kits available but this one from Max Boek looks to have everything I need to get started.

He takes into consideration

  • CSS Pipeline (Sass, CleanCSS)
  • JS Bundling (Webpack)
  • SVG Icon Sprite Generation
  • Critical CSS
  • HTML Minification
  • No external builds, everything runs through 11ty

There’s more details about each of those features you can read on the GitHub page, and you can even deploy directly to Netlify

A simple Eleventy Starter Kit, my base for all new 11ty projects.

An excerpt from Eleventastic – 11ty Starter Pack

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