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inuit.css is cooler than a polar bears toenails. At least that’s what they tell us on their site. If you’re usually a bit iffy about frameworks this is one you can relax with the knowledge it’s been built by the best.

A grid demo

Harry Roberts built this framework up based on his own experiences. He’s put a lot of work into it and is giving it away free of charge so please, if you download it and use it give it a bit of twitter love. 

The framework itself is very small and focusses on a Mobile First approach.

It has support from IE6 and up (although there’s some fancy progressive enhancement stuff that some of the IE crew won’t get) so if you’re building something for an intranet and you’re forced to stick with legacy browsers this could be a good help.

Typographically speaking it has a few little niceties (as they put it) already built in and has an existing typographical scale so you should only need to update the body size to see the changes across the site.

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inuit.css is built to work on smaller screens (such as tablets) and tiny screens (such as phones) straight out of the box with minimal effort.

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